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YOU DARE ME: April Nominations

Thanks to all who participated in the first few rounds of "You Dare Me." 2013 is finally here, and I've already got one dare under my belt! But let's go ahead and figure out what I'll be reading in the future, okay? It's time to nominate for April! And please, do nominate. March saw a distinct drop in nominations, but I'm pretty sure I can blame the holiday festivities for that. Don't prove me wrong, okay? It's nomination time!

Here's how the nomination process works:

1) YOU nominate up to THREE books that YOU want ME to read out of my TBR pile (the links to which are provided below). If it's NOT in my TBR pile, you cannot nominate it.

2) You DO NOT have to nominate the same books every month, but you're more than welcome to if you want.

Now, the general stuff:

Every person gets to nominate up to, but no more than, three books from my TBR. That's right, three. This is to prevent each person from nominating a different title, which would result in no books winning. :) Mind you, you don't have to nominate three books. You can nominate one. Or two. But this is the important part: you cannot nominate the same title three times.

However, there is a catch! All nominations from previous polls still count. That's right. If you nominated titles that didn't win in the past, those titles still have those points. They're still in the running! And even better? If you nominated the title last month, you can nominate that SAME title for this month too. In theory, as long as your title doesn't win, you can nominate it every month until it wins or until the year is over. That means you, as an individual, can nominate the same book 12 times in a year (which is once per month). Nifty, huh?

So, where to find eligible titles? Well, it finally occurred to me how STUPID it was to divvy up my TBR pile per year when most, if not all, of you probably just want to see all of the books together. So the very first link is the FULL TBR pile, minus Star Wars books, because they're not eligible for this. :)

Complete Mount TBR (sorted alphabetically by author's last name)

For those of you who might like to see how long books have been languishing in the TBR, you're welcome to browse by Library Thing entry year:

2011 TBR
2010 TBR
2009 TBR
2008 TBR
2007 TBR

A few notes about these collections:

1) All of these lists, except 2007, are years when the unread titles were purchased, not published. 2007 is an exception because I opened my LibraryThing account that year, and when I did that, I scanned my entire library onto my shelves, so the entry date reflects just that, the date the books were entered into the system, not the year I purchased them.

2) If you're wanting to nominate titles from the 2011 TBR pile, please check the sidebar on my LJ here to make sure I'm not already reading a title you want to dare me to read.

3) With those exceptions, if it's listed in any of the TBR links, it's eligible. However, if you pick book three of a series and I haven't yet read book two, I reserve the right to read book two instead. Ideally, if that happens (I hope it doesn't), I'll try to read the missing installment before the month of the dare, so I can abide by your wishes. That may not always be possible, though, so just remember that if you're voting for sequels.

4) I'm providing links to my LibraryThing shelves because it's regularly maintained and it's been up-to-date since I opened it. Those of you who follow me on Goodreads, try to grin and bear the unfamiliar system, because my Goodreads profile was started much later, and the import process wasn't perfect. :)

Clear as mud? Are you ready to nominate? Then let's get started:

1) Pick up to three books you want to dare me to read. Remember, they can be books you've already read and want my opinion of, or books you want to read yourself, so by daring me, you'll be following along.

2) Before nominating, check out the comments section of this entry, see if anyone's campaigning for a book that you might like to nominate. Remember, I'll be selecting my dare from the top three nominated titles, though I may select the #1 nominated title if it wins by a large enough margin. Also check the sidebar of my LJ to make sure I'm not currently reading the title you want to nominate.

NOTE: if you want to see what books have been nominated in the past but haven't yet won, please click HERE.

3) Once you know exactly which books you want to dare me to read, enter your choices HERE.

4) After you FILL OUT THE POLL, don't hesitate to campaign for the books you selected in the comments! THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT, because last month's tallies still count, so if there's a title that's new to the poll, and you really want it to win over the books that lost last month? You need to campaign for it and give it some love!

5) PLEASE NOTE: comments do NOT count as nominations. If the titles aren't listed in THE POLL, the nomination doesn't count.

6) You have a week to submit nominations, so don't delay! I will announce April's Dare (that is, your dare to ME) on Thursday, February 7th.

7) On the flip side, my April dare to YOU will be announced April 1st.

Remember: EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO NOMINATE! Whatever wins isn't a book I'm asking YOU to read. Rather, it's the book you're asking ME to read. So basically, once a month, you get to tell me what to read. Fun, right? So please, let's have an awesome turn-out, okay?

Questions? Comments? Concerns? I'm all ears! Nominate your heart out, and we'll see what April has in store for me, reading-wise!
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