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February Challenge: Kindred by Octavia E. Butler

And now, the voting for February's challenge is over, and we have a winner!

After 23 total votes (better participation, but not OMGAWESOME) , the winner for the February book challenge is:

Kindred (1979)
Written by: Octavia E. Butler
Theme: Black Women Writing Spec Fic
ISBN: 0807083100

Octavia E. Butler is one of my favorites. The first book of hers I read was Wild Seed, and the day I finished it was the day I heard she'd passed away (like, she'd passed away THAT DAY or the day before or something like that). Since then, I've collected quite a few of her books, and I've slowly making my way through reading them. I'm more than happy to get Kindred under my belt, and if you've never read Butler before, you're in for a treat. Butler writers science fiction that's considered "soft" because it's social SF and therefore full of commentary, and trust me, this African-American writer has PLENTY to comment about. Butler is a MUST in the genre. Trust me.

Who can participate?

Anyone who's interested in the book. You don't have to have an LJ to participate in the challenge. Just read the book sometime between now and the month of February and then feel free to engage in discussion at the end of the month. Or, if you have a book blog of your own, post your review there and provide me with a link in mine. :) For your sake, I'll hold off posting my review until the end of the month so no one feels rushed to finish the book. I want people to read at their own speed and to enjoy themselves.

And as always, feel free to talk about the book challenge and encourage others to read what you are. After all, the more the merrier!

When do I participate?

Any time between NOW and February 28th. As long as you read the selection within this particular time frame, you've participated. This way, if you're a slower reader, you've got much more time. :)

How do I participate?

Get your hands on the book. You can buy it new at the store or or Barnes & or at the Book Depository. Your local independent bookseller is good too. :)

However, if money's tight (and don't we all understand that?), you've got some options.

Buy it used: @ Amazon, @ Barnes & Noble, @, @ AbeBooks, @ Powell's

Find a book swap: @ LibraryThing (may need to be a member to access this); Other online book communities may also have a swap/giveaway option, so check them out! Also, if you have a copy of this book you don't mind passing along, comment TO THIS POST so people can get in touch with you!

Or go to your local library. Don't be afraid to ask your local librarian about interlibrary loan. Or if you're really brave, and/or have a good relationship with the librarian, see if they'll order a copy for the library. :)

Okay, okay, okay! But what about NEXT'S month's challenge? Taking suggestions for that?

I have a VERY special challenge in mind for March, so no suggestions are needed. Curious? Well, you're just going to have to wait until JANUARY for the poll. :) Until then, read the current challenges and join in the discussions! :)
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